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Hills of Elysium

Latest news

Jul 28 2013

A Most Amicable Divorce

In the history of break ups, let ours be the most uneventful and uninteresting. Ours is one that comes naturally and with an abundance of good will and happy memories. After 8 amazing years, we each walk away with tales that will endure for generations to come, and friendships that will undoubtedly carry us through the next era that awaits us.

Hills of Elysium, as a band, has run its course.

Consider this an announcement of the most amicable divorce in history.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

September Garland

PS- Matt, Vibeke, and I have recently started a new project with long-time friend and ex-Jupiter Crash drummer, T Crash. We will be revealing said project in the near future. Connect with any of us on facebook to stay up to date on this new endeavor. :)

PPS- Valdemar and Josh will also be continuing down their own musical paths, and we wish them both the best!

Hills of Elysium

Jul 3 2012

This Lost Generation Available Now!

This Lost Generation is out NOW!
Visit the Merch Store to download the album or order a CD!

We want our fans to enjoy our music in whatever format best suits your needs.

Some of you prefer the physical qualities of an actual CD with album art and liner notes.
For you, we have the album available in CD format exclusively through our merch store!
Click Here Now to order This Lost Generation on CD.

For those of you who want to download the album, MP3 and Flac downloads are both available:

1) MP3 Format: FREE! Yes, FREE! Zero dollars gets you the entire album in MP3 format.

2) Lossless FLAC Format: Pay what you want. Yep, you decide the price for a lossless quality digital download (flac format).

Visit the Merch Store now and get your copy of This Lost Generation!

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